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Automate Processes & Go Paperless with Workflow Management!

Many of our nonprofit accounting users have found automating processes with workflow management helps them be more efficient and cuts down on paper use.

According to Jerry McGlaughlin, Senior Director of Information Technology Services Planning and Business Management at the American Psychological Association (APA), the IT team knows that after implementing Serenic Navigator, the organization as a whole has a better, up-to-date grasp of its finances, and Serenic Navigator’s built-in workflows are having a big impact.


In addition to cutting down on paper, workflows can help your organization:

• Manage transaction-based approvals
• Ensure corporate policies on purchasing are enforced
• Avoid overspending with advanced budget rules and checks
• Expedite expense processing
• Maintain audit trails

With built in routing codes, approval rules, advance budget rules, and email alerts, your organization can focus more attention on what you do best. For example, you can be proactive using email to alert a user when a transaction needs their approval or when a transaction has been disapproved.

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PaperlessGo paperless with automated workflows

Documentation is critical in your accounting office, but invoices waiting for approval, copies of checks, grant documents, and donor records are taking over your space. You can keep them all organized and accessible for auditors, managers or board members within your accounting system:

• Distribute electronic reports via Excel, Word or pdf
• Attach documents to the appropriate records within the system
• Enable users to communicate via in-system messages

With all your critical documentation stored electronically within your financial management system, you’ll spend less time at the file cabinet and more time making sure your organization’s precious resources have the most impact possible on your mission.

To learn more, view a recorded webinar and help you and your organization do more of what you do best.

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