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How Technology Has Changed Philanthropy for the Better

October 1st, 2014 No comments

We live in a time when tech companies and computer savvy gurus have found a way to improve just about every professional field through the means of technology. Philanthropy, likewise, has changed immensely.MEGWARE.CLIC

The “old days” of philanthropy—before technology and social media had an impact on attracting donors—involved primarily the elite funding their favorite charities. Philanthropic giving was something a select few did at the end of their careers, after they were done amassing great wealth.

Now philanthropy is more egalitarian. It’s easy for nonprofits and NGOs to reach out (through tools such as smart phone apps and social media campaigns) to people from any socio-economic background, and enable them to donate easily and in small amounts. Philanthropy isn’t something you have to wait to do anymore—technology allows you to make donations in easy and often creative ways. Read more…

Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference Wraps Up in Chicago

September 29th, 2014 No comments

The annual Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference (DFMC) in Chicago was, as always, a great experience. The Serenic staff, which included David Cote, Elizabeth Easter, Rhonda Shuptrine, and Mandy Wier spent two days in the exhibit hall catching up with old friends and meeting new contacts in the Diocesan market.

Diocese and Archdiocese have become one of Serenic’s biggest customer bases.  With clients such as the Archdioceses of Atlanta, Orange County, Los Angeles, the Dioceses of Fargo, Salt Lake City, and Orlando, a number of Catholic Charities, and other Catholic organizations, Serenic has become a recognized and respected name in the tight knit DFMC community. Read more…

Transparency and Preparing for Your NFP’s Audit

December 2nd, 2013 No comments

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the nature of an audit, taking the pain out of your audit, and the goals or your organization when providing evidence and access to your auditor.  Here we share the importance of being transparent and the end result:  the financial statement. Read more…

Five Tips for Creating Actions from Innovation

November 25th, 2013 No comments

Innovation is a buzzword that will always be evergreen. Fundamental within the nonprofit sector, without action it will be wasted and lead nowhere. While sometimes it may seem elusive, there are some steps nonprofits can follow to exploit available opportunities for innovation and turn these opportunities into tangible actions. Read more…

Eliminate Spreadsheets and Automate Your Allocations with Confidence

February 7th, 2013 No comments

Is your nonprofit organization struggling with line, cost, batch and expense allocations (just to name a few)?  If you have the proper tool, then this headache can be eliminated – along with all the offline spreadsheets!  With Serenic’s accounting software for nonprofits, your allocations are performed within the system, providing greater accuracy, auditability and transparency.

Our Advanced Allocations functionality automates your nonprofit’s calculation and posting of transactions and has the ability to run allocations more frequently, at the time of transaction entry and/or daily; thereby ensuring your financial data will always be up-to-date.  Read more…

South Carolina Human Service Providers Association Winter 2013 Conference

February 1st, 2013 No comments

Join us in Myrtle Beach, where Serenic will be presenting at the S.C. Human Service Providers Conference.  The topic of the presentation is: Four signs you need a new Financial Management System and the requirements for selecting a new system.  

Serenic will share the following:

  • When you need to look at new software.
  • The top ten criteria for selecting a new system.
  • Calculating the costs associated with this type of acquisition. Read more…

Project Success Factors for Nonprofits

January 29th, 2013 No comments

Serenic Project Manager Sylvia Dickinson is sharing her advice for accounting software project teams and how to maximize their success.  Sylvia has found that the most successful nonprofit accounting software teams include at least the three skill sets listed below. Read more…

Top 5 Nonprofit Financial Software Challenges Today

January 22nd, 2013 No comments

In December we surveyed nonprofit decision makers from all over the world to learn more about whom they serve and the challenges that impact their organization.  We were excited by the number of people who responded and saw some definite trends across the board. 

Some of the results we found most interesting were the top 5 challenges respondents reported with their current nonprofit financial management software:

  1. Inflexible reporting
  2. Using too many spreadsheets outside of the system
  3. Lack of integration
  4. Lack of integration with donor management
  5. Lack of grant management

Additional answers to the question are illustrated below in the graph:

Serenic Nonprofit Accounting Software Survey

Serenic Nonprofit Accounting Software Survey Results














Respondents included nonprofit accounting software users in various segments with the most replies coming from Religion and Spiritual Orgs, Education, and Human Services.

What do you think? Are these the challenges that keep your staff up at night and asking for more hours in the work day?


Donor Loyalty Webinar

January 16th, 2013 No comments

We’re excited to be sponsoring a live webinar hosted by Fundraising Success.  The webinar, “Doing What it Takes to Keep Supporters Involved”, is being hosted on Wednesday, January 23 at 12pm Mountain, 2pm Eastern.  If one of your goals for 2013 is to increase the loyalty of your donors, you should register for the webinar.

We all know how important it is to cultivate the relationships you have with your donors.  Managing communications is time consuming, but essential.  We have donor management software to help build and maintain relationships by segmenting constituents, allowing you to target your communications and also track the success of your fundraising efforts.

As part of the cultivation of donors, this webinar points out how important it is to manage donor files and retain the donors with which you currently work.

Join us and Fundraising Success for this webinar to learn:

  • Top mistakes your organization might be making that drive away donors
  • The basic building blocks to donor loyalty
  • Social Media – the new face of donor loyalty and engagement

Fine-tune your organization’s retention efforts and start off 2013 on the right foot!


Serenic Software Announces ‘Year of Giving’ Contest Winner

January 10th, 2013 No comments

Congratulations to our ‘Year of Giving’ contest winner, Jolee and her nomination of Soldiers’ Angels! Our team is thrilled to have such a fantastic organization as the recipient of our $1,000 ‘Year of Giving’ donation and we are honored to award Jolee with a Microsoft Surface for her thoughtful nomination.

Soldiers’ Angels is a volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing comfort and support to the men and women of the United States armed forces. Since the nonprofit’s founding in 2003, Soldiers’ Angels has sent hundreds of thousands of care packages to ‘adopted’ service members and over 25,000 ‘First Response Backpacks’ to Combat Support Hospitals in Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany. The organization works to support military families in need and has partnered with the Department of Defense to provide wounded service members with the technology they need to support rehabilitation.

We also wanted to thank all entrants, voters, and participants for taking the time to support the spirit of giving during the busy holiday season. We received dozens of essays nominating absolutely fantastic nonprofit organizations and we are very thankful for your contribution to our online community.

Have a very happy New Year!

Serenic Software's Year of Giving Contest

Serenic Software is proud to donate $1,000 to Soldiers' Angels, our 'Year of Giving' contest winner!