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Mission Leaders Conference Opens the Door to Learning & Sharing

October 13th, 2014 No comments

Serenic Software participated as an exhibitor in our first Mission Leaders conference, hosted by Missio Nexus in Atlanta, GA, September 25-27. Typically, a vendor’s goal at any tradeshow is to network with current customers, check out new competitors, and bring home plenty of sales opportunities. And while we were successful in those endeavors, we found ourselves spending much of the time marveling at the passion and dedication of conference attendees. Listening to the stories of missionaries who have travelled all over the world and learning about the experiences of mission-focused experts who volunteer their time to help train, mentor and certify mission teams, was far more interesting than talking about accounting software for nonprofits.

However, we did engage with several like-minded members responsible for accounting or IT services within their organization who were excited to learn more about how the Serenic Navigator financial management suite can enable them to have a stronger positive impact on their mission through sound financial management. These included Tim Case, Assistant Director of International Ministries with Elim Fellowship, a Christ-centered worldwide revival fellowship “committed to strengthening leaders so that the church will be equipped to reach the world.” In fact, we drew Tim’s card as the winner of the $150 Visa gift card we gave away as part of our participation in the event. Read more…

Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference Wraps Up in Chicago

September 29th, 2014 No comments

The annual Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference (DFMC) in Chicago was, as always, a great experience. The Serenic staff, which included David Cote, Elizabeth Easter, Rhonda Shuptrine, and Mandy Wier spent two days in the exhibit hall catching up with old friends and meeting new contacts in the Diocesan market.

Diocese and Archdiocese have become one of Serenic’s biggest customer bases.  With clients such as the Archdioceses of Atlanta, Orange County, Los Angeles, the Dioceses of Fargo, Salt Lake City, and Orlando, a number of Catholic Charities, and other Catholic organizations, Serenic has become a recognized and respected name in the tight knit DFMC community. Read more…

Serenic is Now a Sylogist Company

September 22nd, 2014 2 comments

Serenic Software was acquired by Sylogist in July. Sylogist, headquartered in Canada, is a technology innovation company with a strong focus on the public sector market. The decision to acquire Serenic was based in large part on the integration potential of Serenic products with Sylogist’s existing public sector products, offered through its Bellamy Software division. Overall, Sylogist sees the acquisition of Serenic as a key piece of a global growth platform for the company.

Greater impact on your constituents

Benefits for Serenic

Becoming a Sylogist company will strengthen Serenic’s fiscal management structure and ensure company health moving forward. Serenic will be able to operate more efficiently, profitably, and effectively with streamlined business units that continue to nurture and support our traditional markets, including NFPs, NGOs and public sector organizations around the world.

Future Upgrades to Serenic’s Accounting Software for NonProfits

Following the upgrade of the product to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2 release in April of this year, Serenic currently plans to release Serenic Navigator 2015, based on Microsoft Dynamics 2015, in late Fall 2014. The upgrade will focus on easier and better upgrade tools, better integration with Microsoft products such as Office 365, and tablet support.

Serenic’s goal is to empower your mission by helping you do more good with your resources and have a greater impact on your constituents.

25-year-old International NPO Awarded $60 Million Grant

August 20th, 2014 No comments

Partners In Health (PIH) has been bringing the benefits of medicine to those who need it most across the world for over 25 years, and a new grant will help them fight the devastating effects of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) for the next 4 years.

The $60 million grant, awarded in June to PIH by UNITAID (a global health financing system), will be used to bring life-saving drugs to 17 countries with populations afflicted with MDR-TB. The large-scale project, called “END-TB,” will begin enrolling patients and conducting clinical trials this fall.

Managing Multi-national Nonprofit Finances

Founded in 1987 with a single clinic in Haiti, PIH has grown into a large multi-national nonprofit organization with clinics and offices on four different continents.

In 2008, PIH’s budget was just over $65 million per year, and with more than 6,000 employees worldwide PIH needed help managing grant funding and reporting requirements. Serenic Software stepped in, providing accounting tools designed to meet the needs of multi-national nonprofits and NGOs.

Now PIH can generate reports through a shared server, instantly gathering financial information from all of its clinics and offices across the globe to its central headquarters in Boston.

“It’s a huge advantage to know in real time what’s going on at our international sites by viewing reports from Boston,” Rapier said. “Before – with the variety of systems we had in place – that was impossible.”

Allowing Room for Exponential Growth

After six years of using Serenic Navigator, PIH has experienced astronomical growth—the UNITAID grant is nearly as big as PIH’s entire 2008 budget. As exciting of an opportunity as this grant provides, PIH’s plans for the future extend far beyond that; and Serenic will be there along the way to help them with their mission.

Because of PIH’s commitment to transparent reporting and building lasting donor relationships, they plan to continue to grow and strive for their three main goals: care for patients, alleviate the root causes of disease in at-risk communities, and share research and lessons learned throughout the world.

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InsideNGO 2014 Annual Member Conference

July 21st, 2014 No comments

The annual InsideNGO Conference is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited to exhibit again this year.  We’ll be showcasing our flagship nonprofit accounting software solution for NGOs, Serenic Navigator Enterprise, which continues to gain notoriety among InsideNGO members for its unique functionality designed for global organizations.

We look forward to seeing our long-time customers, as well as meeting new folks doing praiseworthy work around the world.  There’s a few times at this year’s conference where we can catch up:

  • Swing by our booth (number 24) to try your luck at winning a lap-top bag or $150 Visa gift card.
  • Our Vice President of Sales, Chris Stevenson, will be participating as a panelist in the Roundtable, “Financial System RFPs: Content Considerations” for those planning to prepare an RFP for a new financial management system this year. The Roundtable will be on Wednesday, July 30th from 9:30 am to 10:45 am in room 207A.
  • Serenic clients are invited to a Serenic User Group Lunch on Tuesday, July 29th at 12:00 pm in room 306. Let us know how we’re doing, speak with company representatives, and mingle with other Serenic Navigator users. Let us know if you’ll be there by emailing

There’s no doubt that this year’s conference will be as enjoyable as years past for both attendees and exhibitors. See you in D.C. July 29th through the 31st! For updates on the conference, follow InsideNGO on Twitter:  #INGO2014.

2013 InsideNGO Conference

2013 InsideNGO Conference

Support is a Top Priority at Serenic

July 14th, 2014 No comments

We survey our clients after each interaction with our support team.  Over the past few months, the ratings for Serenic Support have been increasing, and we’re excited to share the results.  The responses are so close to a perfect score!  We track how each client rates their interaction from a number of perspectives.  They include:Support Top Priority

  • Was the initial response received in a timely manner?
  • Was a resolution for this case reached in a timely manner?
  • Was the technician courteous and professional?
  • Was the technician knowledgeable in the area of the customer’s issue?
  • Was the issue resolved to the customer’s satisfaction?
  • Would the customer recommend Serenic Support to others?

According to Rhonda Shuptrine, Sr. Director of Customer Care, “This team continues to amaze me as they continue to strive for excellence with our customers.”

Customers are quoted as saying…

  • “Sarah is the best.  She always resolves my problems quickly and teaches me a little bit each time so I can better use the software… She is very knowledgeable and creative to solve any issues I have.” – research org
  • “Dave provided exceptional service.  Very speedy response time, much appreciated.”– diocesan org
  • “Barrie was excellent… She is terrific, very helpful, patient and persistent.” – health org
  • “Every support rep I’ve dealt with has been exceptionally helpful and accommodating – often going well above and beyond the original issue to come up with a solution for us.  Most appreciated!” – religious org

At Serenic, we have built a very strong team of resources who are ready and willing to enable our nonprofit and government customers to achieve the utmost efficiency in their day-to-day operations and mission attainment.  We understand that our financial and nonprofit accounting software must do more than provide customers with clear visibility into operations, real-time financial analysis, and robust reporting, it must create an opportunity for them to do more good, to affect more lives, and to make a greater difference. Therefore, we hold ourselves accountable to their success and to all those who benefit from what they do.

Thank you to our support folks. Their hard work is appreciated :).  And thanks to our customers, who make the world a better place!

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The Importance of Listening

July 7th, 2014 No comments

Every day, I speak with nonprofit organizations about their processes, their challenges, and their complaints as they navigate the complex world that is fund accounting. I hear them, but some days I worry that I’m not really listening. It’s a challenge that I think we all face at one time or another – conflicting priorities, repeated conversations, focusing on the negatives, all conspiring to allow people’s words to swirl around us without truly finding fertile ground.

When your job is to really listen to what the client or prospect is telling you, not just hear the words but actually listen to the underlying challenges and find solutions … well, you can’t tune out. And it’s something I’m passionate about – our clients are passionate about helping others according to their mission, while I’m passionate about helping them.

The most enjoyable time in my job is that point when I find a solution in my software that will save a client time or money, or both. When they make that connection between what Serenic Navigator Express or Essentials can do and what they’ve been trying to do in an accounting program designed for for-profit organizations or with Excel spreadsheets. Or when we design new accounting software features as we’ve been doing for the last several months.

Recently, we were working closely with several clients, talking about the tasks that were taking their time and the difficulties they were having. And from those conversations, we’ve added a memorized reporting feature that will help our clients every single day, one that will make the software even more useful to power users and casual users, alike. We designed it over a matter of days and with the power of a cloud solution, our clients were using it within a week.

Memorized reports

Other features include expanding the power of nonprofit reporting with columns that filter by both different dates and account ranges.

Filter by dates and account ranges

And I got to feel that feeling, when I know that I’ve not just heard my clients, but actually listened to what they need and translated that into business requirements and computer code.

Some days, my job is like magic.

3 Tips for Building Valuable Donor Relationships Online

June 4th, 2014 No comments

Tom Ahern got it right when he said “Donors aren’t ATM machines. I don’t think successful fundraising is about keeping the staff paid and the lights burning. It’s far more about giving your donors a vivid sense that they’re changing the world.” Of course, your staff are a vital part of your mission, but donors are too – where would your organization be without them? Nonprofit Online Community Read more…

5 Reasons Why Nonprofits Need Great Financial Management

May 12th, 2014 No comments

Congratulations! If you’re reading this and you work or volunteer for a nonprofit, your organization is still here. Tens of thousands of nonprofits in the US and Canada went under during the 2008-2010 recession and its still lingering aftermath and, apparently, yours was not among them so, again, congratulations!
5 Reasons

All that celebrating aside, many nonprofits came through the recession having learned a very valuable lesson; recessions are brutal on weak organizations, for-profit and nonprofit. The nonprofits that went into the recession with adequate cash reserves, good financial management, a business model that worked for their mission and their community, a good check and balance between board and staff, well trained employees and volunteers; those nonprofits, by in large, not only survived the test, but prospered as other nonprofits foundered. I hope your organization was one of those.  

Other nonprofits that went into the recession less strong adapted well; they came through the crisis remade, with new business plans, improved staffing and volunteering models and better marketing; in short, they became better mission-based businesses.
Read more…

Nonprofit Cloud Accounting Solutions at CLA 2014

April 28th, 2014 No comments

It was an absolute pleasure to once again attend the Christian Leadership Alliance Conference in Dallas, Texas. This year’s conference theme was to help you to achieve “Kingdom Outcomes” that will transform the lives of those you serve, and that is exactly what Serenic Navigator helps you do. Serenic Navigator allows you to focus on your mission and those you serve, not maintaining your system and spending hours on reports.

CLA 2014

It was especially nice this year to be able to engage all size and types of nonprofits knowing we have solutions to meet the needs of numerous organizations. In the past, I’ve had conversations with folks needing true fund accounting software, but they weren’t able to afford a system that easily tracks and reports according to their needs. No matter the nonprofit organization size, most still have multiple funds to track, as well as expenses and other costs by program, project, department or whatever the need may be. Read more…