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Serenic is Now a Sylogist Company

September 22nd, 2014 2 comments

Serenic Software was acquired by Sylogist in July. Sylogist, headquartered in Canada, is a technology innovation company with a strong focus on the public sector market. The decision to acquire Serenic was based in large part on the integration potential of Serenic products with Sylogist’s existing public sector products, offered through its Bellamy Software division. Overall, Sylogist sees the acquisition of Serenic as a key piece of a global growth platform for the company.

Greater impact on your constituents

Benefits for Serenic

Becoming a Sylogist company will strengthen Serenic’s fiscal management structure and ensure company health moving forward. Serenic will be able to operate more efficiently, profitably, and effectively with streamlined business units that continue to nurture and support our traditional markets, including NFPs, NGOs and public sector organizations around the world.

Future Upgrades to Serenic’s Accounting Software for NonProfits

Following the upgrade of the product to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2 release in April of this year, Serenic currently plans to release Serenic Navigator 2015, based on Microsoft Dynamics 2015, in late Fall 2014. The upgrade will focus on easier and better upgrade tools, better integration with Microsoft products such as Office 365, and tablet support.

Serenic’s goal is to empower your mission by helping you do more good with your resources and have a greater impact on your constituents.

Serenic Recognized as an “Innovator” in Financial Management

September 8th, 2014 No comments

Tribal Government

Vendor Landscape for the Native American Technology Research Center

The Info-Tech Research Group recently released its new Vendor Landscape for the Native American Technology Research Center. We are excited to share that Serenic received high scores and has been recognized as an “Innovator” in the report titled, “Vendor Landscape: Financial Management Solutions.” Serenic is the only software provider to receive an overall “Exemplary” product rating for our nonprofit accounting software, Serenic Navigator. The vendor report helps orgs find the best fit for their needs based on functionality and value for their investment.

The Innovator category identifies software providers that have demonstrated innovative product strengths which act as their competitive advantage in appealing to niche segments such as tribal governments.

Comprehensive Financial Solution for Tribal Orgs

The report notes that Serenic Navigator is a comprehensive financial solution built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and that, together with our partner Finley and Cook, we bring strong fund accounting, grant management, and GASB compliant reporting tools to tribal organizations like the Muscogee (Creek) Tribal Nation of Indians.

“Tribes looking for a comprehensive solution and a knowledgeable, dedicated vendor should definitely consider Serenic Navigator,” the report states, adding that, “The solution would be particularly useful for any tribes that need flexible accessibility into their solution through the use of Web Client or mobile desktops.”

Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports help enterprise IT decision-makers identify a short list of vendors for their IT programs depending on their needs. Included are only those vendors which the Info-Tech Research Group would recommend to their clients. Serenic was one of eight vendors that made the list!

View the full report and share with your colleagues.

Serenic HCM Achieves Milestone for Microsoft Dynamics Accreditation

August 4th, 2014 No comments

Serenic Human Capital Management (HCM), our HR and payroll software, has passed the Software Solution Test for Microsoft Dynamics, which is a major requirement for Certified for Microsoft Dynamics® status.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics is Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software. This certification represents a significant step in elevating the standard for partner-developed software solutions for industry-specific business applications. Solutions with a successful software test have demonstrated development quality and compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics product. Rigorous testing on the solution’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics is completed by an independent third party.

“By requiring the software solution to meet our highest standards, Microsoft is assuring customers that these certified solutions work with their investments in Microsoft Dynamics,” said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

Microsoft Dynamics HR and PayrollSerenic HCM is a suite of products including payroll benefits like multiple employer, flexible calculations, automatic accruals, direct deposit, setup wizards, time journal, and much more. HR includes fields to track and analyze user-defined data, position management, recruitment, communication tracking, pay structures, and many other benefits. We are the exclusive developer of HR and payroll products for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

“Without Serenic it would be nearly impossible – and cost-prohibitive – to pay weekly. Since Serenic HCM is infinitely scalable, it’s not a big deal – just a push of a button and very little effort to pay weekly versus every other week.”
– Rick Drass – Vice President of Information Technology at Tervis Tumbler

“The automation of the payroll process had huge benefits in creating more efficiency, reducing the process time from five days to not more than half a day, and eliminating defects caused by manual processes previously. Payroll now is a fully integrated application within our ERP system.”
– Frida Farah – Corporate Services Director for Breakfast & Co.

If interested in reading more, check out our whitepaper for ways to address your payroll needs and manage the process yourself vs. outsourcing.

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Calculating the Impact from a Subscription Investment

June 2nd, 2014 No comments

My boss likes to say that we wake up thinking about nonprofit accounting…it’s not that bad. Some of us wake up thinking about coffee :)

But every day, we talk with our nonprofit clients and (more importantly) listen to understand those processes and tasks that are consuming more time than they should. We understand that every dollar you have was given to you with the expectation that it be used to support your mission. And prospects often tell us that they spend hours, days, and weeks working with their financial data to prove how they have spent their funds. And Serenic’s products were designed to relieve just these pain points. time vs money

  • Compiling my year-end reports takes 4-5 days.
  • I have to manage my funds in a spreadsheet – sometimes this means monies from separate funding sources, and sometimes it means tracking unrestricted, temporarily restricted, and permanently restricted funds.
  • I have to allocate salaries across projects and that takes several days each month.
  • We were dinged on our last audit because our current accounting software did not include a strict enough audit trail. Read more…
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Is Subscription Right for Your Nonprofit?

May 27th, 2014 No comments

Everything flows, nothing stands still. – Heraclitus, ~535 BC–475 BC

A couple of years ago, we wrote the original of this article about Serenic’s licensing models.  Well, all things change, so we think it’s time to update the article.

When considering nonprofit accounting software, the purchasing model adds an important dimension to the decision process.  Which is the best fit for your organization – purchasing a license and installing (either on premise or on leased servers), or making the leap into the cloud? which way to go

Perpetual License

Some nonprofits are most comfortable with their data stored locally and are willing and able to make a capital investment in the license, implementation, and necessary servers.  Additionally, they may prefer to pay their costs upfront, rather than a monthly subscription fee.

  • You purchase concurrent users (full or limited access).
  • You install the product on your organization’s computers and servers (or on servers leased from a 3rd party).
  • Maintenance of the software is under your direction and control – for example, scheduling and applying upgrades.
  • Should your nonprofit need specialized functionality, you can contract to have the product customized to meet your specific needs. Read more…

Microsoft Cloud – What Does It Look Like and How Does It Work?

April 30th, 2014 No comments

My wife and I went out to dinner this weekend and while catching up on our week she asked, “What is the cloud?”  That question and the numerous attempts to educate my teenage children on managing what they post to their Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter accounts, led me to write this article.  As someone who has had the benefit of working in the IT field and has visited many back office computer rooms, I figured I’d attempt to translate, “what is the cloud?” into something my family could understand while at the same time hopefully adding value to the Serenic Cloud story.

Azure 1I’m a big believer in pictures, so I have borrowed some from Microsoft.  The container in this picture is a piece of Microsoft Azure (renamed from Windows Azure in March of this year) that is the platform and foundation of the Microsoft Cloud.
Read more…

Can You Afford Not to Handle Your Award Restrictions with Confidence?

March 17th, 2014 No comments

Part 5 in our blog series:  Tied Up in the Strings Attached to Federal Awards?  Streamline compliance with A-133 Audit Rules

In this post, we address matching funds, service and expenditure levels, and earmarking;  ensuring your organization is in compliance with any and all award restrictions. Federal Awards ebook


When federal awards include a matching component, the recipient must be able to show that matching funds have been received and are from an allowable source.

Potential complication: The auditor must determine whether the minimum amount or percentage of contributions or matching funds was provided. They must also consider the value of any in-kind contributions that were received.

Streamlined: Use Serenic Navigator’s AwardVision to create rules to monitor matching requirements while ensuring matching costs are appropriately tallied on a recurring basis. By defining the matching requirements at the receipt of the award, organizations will have evidence of their guideline compliance over the life of the award. Read more…

Is Your Cost of Compliance Exceeding Your Award Value?

February 24th, 2014 No comments

Part 2 in our blog series:  Tied Up in the Strings Attached to Federal Awards?  Streamline compliance with A-133 Audit Rules

In this post, we address tracking allowable activities and costs for your federal awards, ensuring you are compliant and not increasing complicated business processes.
Federal Awards ebook

Activities Allowed

Federal award recipients must pay careful attention to application details and award requirements. It is the duty of the nonprofit to use funds only for allowable activities and to properly track and accumulate transactions related to these activities.  In many cases, an organization must not only be able to show compliance after the fact, it must also be able to show evidence of internal guidelines that foster an environment of compliance.

In addition to coding transactions appropriately, your nonprofit accounting software should provide ample notes and file attachment features that create a complete and accurate picture of expenditures.

Potential complication: The auditor will seek to identify the types of program activities which are either specifically allowed or prohibited by the laws, regulations, and the provisions of contract or grant agreements.   Read more…

Tied Up in the Strings Attached to Federal Awards?

February 17th, 2014 No comments

Federal Awards ebookFederal awards always come with strings attached. When awards exceed $500,000, they include a mandate that the recipient undergoes an A-133 audit. This audit has one primary purpose: to provide evidence that the recipient has complied with award requirements. For nonprofits that wait until the end of the year to create or accumulate records in support of their compliance efforts, preparing for the audit can be a nightmare. But for organizations that take a more proactive approach and rely on their financial software for help in streamlining processes, while also managing and documenting compliance for awards of all types, documentation is the easy part. These nonprofits and NGOs will spend more time at year-end trying to locate a free workspace than gathering evidence for the auditor.

Dealing with the federal government is complicated enough. Award recipients needn’t be in a position where the cost of compliance exceeds the value of the reward. With the right financial management software, staying compliant doesn’t have to mean increasingly complicated business processes.

Follow this blog series to learn how to streamline compliance with A-133 audit rules. Read more…

5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Embrace Young People

February 5th, 2014 No comments

A recent study by Oracle has shown that Generation Y (or the “Millennials”) is a generation of conscientious, caring and giving citizens of the world. It therefore makes sense for nonprofits to harness their energy, know-how and donor potential. There’s a multitude of ways in which the younger generation can provide great value to nonprofits; we’ve listed our top five reasons to embrace Generation Y below. Read more…