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Managing Cash Flow and the Stewardship of Funds – Video from Morgridge Institute for Research

July 24th, 2013 No comments

The Morgridge Institute for Research is a private, nonprofit interdisciplinary biomedical research organization dedicated to solving major challenges to human health.  James Lester, Financial Analyst, shares how Serenic’s award functionality and budget controls are helping them better manage their cash flow and track expenditures in great detail. Read more…

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International NGO Replaces Spreadsheets and Solves Problems in Real-Time

September 28th, 2012 No comments

In our latest accounting software video, Partners in Health VP of Finance, Ann Quandt, shares how accountability and transparency are becoming more and more critical to NGOs today.  She attributes this to donors becoming more educated and critical about where they are giving their money.

Partners in Health (PiH) is an international healthcare organization that builds and operates hospitals and health centers around the world.  When they were using Excel in their African sites, it was very difficult to see the full picture of all the data.

Many nonprofits will agree with Ann when she stresses how every NGO or nonprofit is focused on streamlining their processes and making sure they do it in a very efficient way.  PiH felt it was important to have an accounting system that was particularly geared towards nonprofits because they have so many donors across multiple currencies.  It was very important to have a flexible tool like Serenic Navigator to seamlessly get financial information from their field sites.

Every night the financial data is consolidated into a server in Boston. This real time information, not something they’ve had before, allowed them to see the big picture very quickly & easily.  It also helped confirm with donors that their money was being, “treated the way they wanted it to be treated.”

According to Ann, “Any nonprofit would benefit from Serenic Software. “  For PiH, Serenic helps them see what’s happening on the ground, so now they can solve problems in real-time.

Watch the video and share!

Partners in Health Serenic Software Video

Partners in Health solves problems in real-time with Serenic Software. Click to watch the video!


CLD Vaudreuil-Soulanges Served by Serenic Navigator

July 10th, 2012 No comments

We recently worked with our Canadian partner, ADNM International Inc., to produce a video featuring their client, Mr. Julien Turcotte, PDG of CLD Vaudreuil-Soulanges (Centre Local de Développement du Québec).  Since the video is in French, here’s a synopsis of the message delivered in the video:

The CLDs are looking for a tool that will help them better manage their development activities in their respective locations in Quebec. The CLDs report to the Quebec Government and need to justify their budgets inquiries by responding to a number of governmental requirements. They are responsible for the Quebec Inc. expansion in their locations and have to attract, encourage and support the entrepreneurs with their business development and financings.

The CLDs have to create annual reports, produce market statistics, explain their strategic approaches and prove their efficiencies and present results to the Government toward the year.  To meet these daily objectives, they need to use creative tools and software.

ADNM International Inc. was retained by the CLD Vaudreuil-Soulanges to implement the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution to standardize, automatize and integrate all its accounting processes. To achieve its goal, ADNM needed to use a specific solution for nonprofit organizations, Serenic Navigator. Serenic Navigator, certified for Dynamics NAV, is the leading integrated solution for nonprofits. As a fully integrated solution, Serenic Navigator offers nonprofit accounting software and accounting software for government agencies.

With the NAV expertise of ADNM and the integrated solution for nonprofits from Serenic Navigator, the CLD was assured to be very well-served.

View the video online:

Challenges in NonProfit Accounting – New Video

June 25th, 2012 No comments

At Explorations 2012, we had an opportunity to interview some of our customers about how Serenic Navigator has helped them solve their nonprofit accounting software challenges. We captured those interviews in a new video.  The video features Gary Deemer from the Arbor Day Foundation, Amy Palmer from Mercy Corps, Mark White from American Refugee Committee, and Robert Brooks from the National Urban League.

In the video, Gary Deemer points out the advantages of having one application to take care of all the different needs at the Arbor Day Foundation.  Gary was surprised at how “Serenic Navigator could handle the volume of transactions without really experiencing much of a slowdown.”

Amy Palmer talks about Serenic’s understanding of fund accounting requirements, but also mentions how Serenic AwardVision, our integrated grant management solution, takes nonprofit software to “the next level.”

According to Mark White, the American Refugee Committee is “working in locations that are extremely challenging business environments,” but Serenic is helping them get to a “single source of truth” where management is able to make business decisions based on information from one source.

Serenic Navigator has helped the National Urban League with timely reporting and, according to Robert Brooks, “can benefit any organization that wants to be transparent to their constituents.”

Thanks to Gary, Amy, Mark and Robert for their candor and compliments on the Serenic financial management solutions.

Check out the video!

Serenic Wins Award at Convergence

March 22nd, 2012 No comments

I’m excited to report that Serenic was recognized by the Microsoft Dynamics US Partner Team as the top ‘Customer Add’ producer YTD through February, 2012, during this year’s Convergence.   The award was presented during a “Volume Partner” breakfast held Monday morning, when five partner awards were given out across several categories (e.g. ISV, Cloud Computing, etc.).  Needless to say, I was thrilled to accept the award!

The short video shows Dan Brown of Microsoft talking about AwardVision, our grant management software, which integrates with our fund accounting solution, Serenic Navigator.  Serenic Navigator is available in the cloud and is powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

So, congratulations to everyone in our company for all the respective contributions in earning this award for Serenic.  In my eyes, this represents yet another illustration of our success as a leading partner with Microsoft and, most importantly, being the leader within the nonprofit and public sector target markets.

We’re one big team here at Serenic; everybody in the company has a hand in all of our awards and should share in the recognition.

This crystal looks quite nice on my credenza, but I guess I’ll go ahead and ship it off to headquarters so it can reside in its rightful place. :)


Singing the Canadian National Anthem at an Anti – Bullying Event

February 28th, 2012 No comments

We’re happy to share some news from Carla Feagan, our Channel Sales Manager based in Edmonton, Canada.  Carla’s daughter was asked to sing the Canadian national anthem at an anti-bullying event held at Rexall Place in Edmonton last week.  Carla’s daughter did a great job!   About a quarter of the arena was filled with screaming school kids ranging from 3rd to 7th grade.  Local TV stations covered the event and despite this being  the first time she has ever sang in front of more than 15-20 people, and having a camera in front of her, she never missed a beat, or note!

The event, hosted by the Edmonton Rush Lacrosse Club, was called “Rise Up Against Bullying” and promoted by 92.5 JOE FM.  It was designed to, “engage youth with an interactive and exciting approach to bullying prevention … Empowering them with the important facts and knowledge that they can use moving forward towards their peers.”

Listen and watch for yourself (singing begins about 1:28):

Congrats to Carla and her daughter. We see a budding recording star in the future, as well as a possible performance from Carla herself, assuming it’s in the blood!

Nonprofit Testimonial from the University of Virginia Fund

October 18th, 2011 No comments

Jennifer Bonenfant, Director of the U. Va. Fund, shares how Serenic Navigator has enabled the fund to maximize efficiencies in order to better accomplish the organization’s mission.

The U.Va. Fund, a program of the University of Virginia Alumni Association, provides financial and endowment services to the University of Virginia community. They service over 3,100 accounts with consolidated assets exceeding $400 million and consolidated annual support exceeding $30 million. Clients of the U.Va Fund include departments of the university, student organizations, scholarship programs, trusts, international student projects, research, and humanities global initiatives.

Serenic  Navigator has helped the U.Va. Fund with:

  • Integrating many processes that were previously separate functions (payroll, fixed assets, budget, gift processing)
  • Reporting – they electronically distribute by email 600+ reports monthly
  • Connectivity – they have users at different locations as well as users requiring remote access
  • Eliminating duplicate manual entry work
  • Streamlining operations, thereby maintaining appropriate workloads and low staff turnover

We’ve had a great partnership with the U. Va. Fund, giving them the flexibility to grow and develop new resources for the UVa community.  Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your story!

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October 13th, 2011 No comments

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Client Testimonial Videos on YouTube!

“Serenic Navigator has allowed us to pull from different operating systems and streamline our process. Everything is consolidated in one system now, and each system talks to each other and is fully integrated.”

Jennifer Bonenfant
University of Virginia Fund

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The Archdiocese of Atlanta Uses Serenic Software to Empower Its Mission

October 11th, 2011 No comments

As CFO of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Brad Wilson needs to be on top his finances. He tells us how Serenic Software helps him do just that in the video below.

Brad Wilson, CFO, discusses how Serenic Navigator has enabled the Archdiocese of Atlanta to better accomplish its mission.  Their challenges included the need for increased financial transparency and tighter safeguarding of assets.  Serenic Navigator has helped them increase efficiencies with an integrated accounting software solution that allows them to implement the concept of “key it once, key it right.”  They have eliminated the duplicate keying and related errors of multiple subsystems and can drill down to research questions in real time.  The integrated Deposit and Loan solution has allowed them to reallocate resources to programs.

Visit our site for more information on how Serenic can help your organization. To view the testimonial video, click HERE.

Driving for Vertical Results in Alignment with Microsoft Dynamics

August 30th, 2011 No comments

Chris Stevenson, our VP of Sales, recently had the opportunity to present during the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC).  The session was hosted in the Dynamics track and was called, “Driving for Vertical Results in Alignment with Microsoft Dynamics.”  Chris, and a couple of others speakers, discussed the success of partners in the Dynamics community who have executed on vertical and industry opportunities – a core aspect of the Microsoft Dynamics partner strategy. This session discussed how to develop a vertical partner strategy and the best ways of aligning that strategy with Microsoft resources and programs.  Chris shared how Serenic became an ISV, why partner development continues to be important for us as an ISV, and our ongoing goal to provide end-to-end financial management software for nonprofits, NGOs and the public sector.


Chris begins speaking at 31:45 until minute marker 46

Enjoy, and thanks everyone for a very special event!