Serenic Consulting Services

Serenic Client Services

The client services department at Serenic is comprised of software professionals whose main objective is complete customer satisfaction.  From implementation kick-off through post-implementation support, we have built a very strong team of resources ready and willing to enable our customers to achieve the utmost efficiency in their day-to-day operations and mission attainment.  Below you will find a brief description of the different service offerings from Serenic.   

Project Management

Every project demands a strategic and disciplined approach to reach production.  Without sound project management, projects will flounder in mediocrity and often times never come to fruition.  Here at Serenic, we place a tremendous value in the project management discipline and have built a methodology that has proven itself many times over to be the key factor in bringing many complex projects to go-live.   

Application Consulting

Serenic’s Principal and Senior Application Consultants are another important element to the roll-out of Serenic Navigator and its extended suite.   They help bring the software to life.  The project starts with a detailed analysis of the customers’ requirements.  An application consultant then matches those needs to the software’s many capabilities.  From there, they help to configure, test and train the users of the system.  After which, they become self-sufficient and enabled to perform their daily tasks using Serenic Navigator’s functional areas.   


Serenic has a team of seasoned developers ready to take on the most complex and unique end-user needs.   Serenic prides itself on its robust functionality out of the box, however, our customers sometimes need customized functionality to round out the job.  When that occurs, we have the staff on hand to turn that vision into a reliable software solution.   


As with any ERP software package, it is imperative to stay current on the latest version.  Serenic is constantly enhancing its software product line, and we incorporate into Serenic Navigator the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV releases.  We recommend that our customers budget for an upgrade every 12-18 months, and when that time comes, we have the experienced staff to make upgrading as seamless as possible.   

Technical Support

Serenic's relationship with the end-user does not end after the purchasing and implementation of the software.   Serenic is keenly aware that our customers still need technical support or may find product anomalies to report to product management.  Serenic has built, and continues to improve, support services, tools, policies and procedures (using customer experience surveys as one measure of effectiveness) so that our customers feel nurtured and protected during their time of need.