SFTP Login Instructions

Use your existing account to log into your SFTP folder. If you require an account please contact support@serenic.com.

Why SFTP? SFTP provides greatly enhanced security over that of regular FTP, including encryption of sensitive information. We are frequently entrusted with sensitive financial data and feel it is our responsibility to ensure it remains confidential during the transfer.

Please note the SFTP server is available for file transfers only. Serenic may periodically remove files that have been on the server longer than 2 months.

  • Download the WinSCP application -  WinSCP is an SFTP client for Windows using SSH. Its main function is to provide secure and safe copying of files between a local and remote computer. Click here to Download.
  • Unzip and run the executable - Unzip the contents of the above file to a location on your hard drive. Run the executable file that is extracted from the archive.
  • Supply account information-  Enter the account information provided to you by Serenic staff. The fields you must be concerned with are Host name, User name, Password, and Protocol.
    • Host name: sftp.serenic.com
    • User name: (Provided by Serenic)
    • Password: (Provided by Serenic)

SFTP Login Screen

  • Connect to the server -  Click the Login button to connect to the server. You will be presented with a dialog box stating that the server's key has not yet been cached in the registry. Click Yes to continue.

You may now transfer files to and from the server using familiar Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste functionality. By default, the left pane represents files on your local system while the right pane represents the SFTP server.