Partner Products

Serenic Navigator can be integrated with several quality third-party products offered by industry partners. These products include:

NAV solution for sending documents

DocumentPath is a fully-within-NAV solution to enable users to quickly and easily send documents via email or fax to Customers, Vendors and Employees using definable distribution rules. Documents can be sent in batch mode, including advanced features for customer statements (including copies of open invoices), electronic payment remittance advices and payroll stubs (with password protection and recipient verification).


Jet Reports offers three versions of reporting solutions

Jet Reports provides robust, easy-to-use reporting and Business Intelligence solutions that empower business users across the globe to make informed decisions. Recognized as the Microsoft Dynamics reporting leader for more than a decade with over 70,000 users worldwide, Jet Reports offers a complete suite of products.

NAV Easy Security

NAV Easy Security – Roles and Logins makes it very easy to set up roles and permissions for multiple users across multiple companies. Easy Security contains a "Recorder" for permissions that captures all permissions simply by using the application. By adding a Source Code Analyzer on top of the recordings is the Roles created correct the first time, avoiding costly trial and error approach to creating a new role or updating an existing one.

RapidiOnline Logo

The Replicator for MS Dynamics NAV replicates information between two and more MS Dynamics NAV databases or systems. The data replication solution is designed to address issues like replication in areas or location with poor internet connection through a highly flexible, robust, secure and intensively compressed data information replication across heterogeneous MS Dynamics NAV systems. It leverages data replication to support high availability, flexibility, speed, transactional integrity and data consistency.

For more information on any of these products, contact Marketing.