Serenic Human Resources

Serenic PayrollVision includes a human resources package with key functionality enabling organizations to efficiently and effectively direct and manage daily human resource functions. From hiring the right staff and analyzing pertinent information to tracking absences and training, Serenic  Human Resources helps get the job done with minimal effort and maximum control. It ultimately allows internal HR staff to focus on the strength and satisfaction of employees by streamlining data tracking and communication and ensuring accurate management reporting.

HR Available Functionality and Benefits

All of these functional areas are included in the Serenic Human Resources Offering.

All of these functional areas are included in the Serenic HCM Offering.

HR Extended Fields

Track and analyze user-defined data.

Every company has unique data to store. Serenic Human Resources Extended Fields feature allows you to quickly enter an unlimited number of user-defined fields with the ability to group like fields together. It also enables you to establish a list of predefined values for each user-defined field. This eliminates the chance of data entry error and ensures accuracy when analyzing data for:

  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Positions
  • Applicants
  • Job Requisitions

One of the most common statements from human resource personnel is that there is no easy way to analyze data on-screen. With Serenic Human Resources Extended Fields, there are different analysis tools allowing you to “slice and dice” your data quickly and easily on screen. Being able to drill down and find specific employee information directly from the analysis form saves time and increases productivity.

  • Track an unlimited number of user defined fields.
  • Pre-determine the type of data that can be entered into a specific field (e.g., code, text, Yes/No, etc.).
  • Set up a pre-defined list of values that appears on a drop-down list for the field.
  • Drill down into specific details of the analysis to get the exact information that you need.
  • Send the analysis to Microsoft Excel®, Word® or Microsoft Outlook® (as an HTML attachment) with the click of a button.

Setting up Predefined Value

Setting up Predefined Value pick lists enables ease of data entry and reduces data entry errors.

HR Position Management

Ease the hiring process.

This feature allows you to define all positions within your company, including specific information that is standard for the position. Pertinent information will automatically flow to the employee once the position is assigned to them (e.g., rates, department and standard payroll controls such as earnings, hours, accruals and benefits).

Define specific information that is standard for a position.

Pay Structures allows for equitable treatment of all employees by assigning a grid system to the salary structure.

  • Describe the skills or qualifications that are required for a position, as well as the proficiency required.
  • Delineate salary/rate range for a position with warning messages when an employee is assigned outside of the defined range.
  • Drill down to see the exact employees who have been assigned to a specific position.
  • Perform an analysis on employees or applicants to determine who has the best qualifications for a specific position.
  • Capture historical position information for tracking career patterns.
  • Attach multiple positions to individual employees with accurate full time equivalent (FTE) information.
  • Create budget and actual entries for each position allowing for budget/actual/variance reporting.

HR Recruitment

Rate all applicants based on qualifications with the interactive Applicant Qualification Overview feature.

Whether you are recruiting internally or externally, finding the right candidates for an open position is extremely important. It also can be one of the most time-consuming tasks a human resource department can undertake. Serenic Human Resources Recruitment streamlines this process for your HR.

Applicant specific information relating to open job requisitions can be accessed through an applicant card or a job requisition card, including expected salary, willingness to relocate and availability. An analysis tool is available to assist in determining the most qualified applicant for an open position.

Capture and track all relevant applicant data

Capture and track all relevant applicant data (i.e., contact information, references, qualifi cations and education).

  • Easily create a new employee from an applicant and the applicant information will automatically flow to the employee card (e.g., qualifications, experience, references, personal information, etc.).
  • Purging historical applicants determined by specific requirements can be performed easily with the click of a button.
  • Run Position Qualification Analysis to determine the most qualified applicant or employee for an open position.

HR Communication Tracking

Effectively manage communications for employees, applicants and references.

Traditionally, sensitive communications related to human resource operations have been stored in paper files that grow over time. It is becoming more common to store “soft copies” of documents (e.g., offer letters, employee reviews, disciplinary actions, benefit plan changes or announcements) on the network, but these files are not typically connected to the HR system or associated with the employee - making it cumbersome.

The Communications Tracking feature enables you to eliminate hard copies and electronically manage communications for employees or applicants. When you open an employee or applicant card, you can easily access all related communications, soft documents, files and information in fields. This feature includes the ability to:

  • Produce and maintain communications integrated with the mail merge functionality of Microsoft Word.
  • Create mass or individual communications with either employees or applicants that can be distributed in hard copy, email or fax format.

Communications Tracking

Communication templates give you the ability to define the different types of documents that will be stored and or sent via Microsoft Word mail merge functionality. Communication templates have two purposes:

  • Provide a standard format for communication with employees, applicants, and references.
  • Offer a consistent convention under which communications are catalogued.

HR Pay Structures

Simplify complex rates of pay.

Pay Structures allows payment using a company pay grid rather than individual employee rates of pay. When new rates are required or existing rates need to be adjusted, you can easily copy an existing pay grid with a new effective date and make the changes, then you can mass update all employees for those changes to take effect. Effective dates are available through many different areas, so you can load a new rate into the system in advance of the change.

  • Handle changing company rates using Master Pay Structures, which is controlled by effective dates.
  • Provide two options – a fixed grid of specific rates or a range allowing for a position to have a min/max rate range.

Pay Structures allows for equitable treatment of all employees by assigning a grid system to the salary structure.

Pay Structures allows for equitable treatment of all employees by assigning a grid system to the salary structure.

HR File Attachment

The File Attachment feature allows you to store documents directly on the record (e.g., store a performance review on an employee card).

  • Save all file types (e.g., Word documents, Excel, PDF, TXT).
  • Store files directly in a database, not linked to another source.
  • Attach external files to records using “drag-and-drop” functionality to many areas within Serenic Human Resources.

Purchase Information

Software licenses can be purchased for on-premise deployment or in a subscription-based SaaS model for online deployment in the cloud.

Functionality Included in Serenic HCM Serenic HCM Sold in Employee Packs
Pay Structures
Position Management
Communication Tracking
File Attachments
Extended Fields
1–100 Employees
101–250 Employees
251–500 Employees
501–1,000 Employees
Unlimited Employees


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