Mission-Empowering Software for NonProfit, NGO and Public Sector Organizations

Maximize your impact with
clear operational visibility
across your organization.

From core fund accounting to specialized financial management, Serenic Software can help you focus resources on your mission with efficiency and transparency. Our award-winning Serenic Navigator software and its integrated solutions were designed especially for NFPs, NGOs, and the public sector. You’ll spend less time on your books and more time making a difference with the resources you manage.

Accounting Software with a Focus on Accountability and Impact

Explore the features of our award-winning software, then hear testimonials from non-profits, international NGOs, and public sector organizations that are doing more of what they do best with Serenic. We’re committed to helping our customers:

  • Focus maximum resources on accomplishing the mission.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity across all roles—from the CFO to the volunteers.
  • Track grants, sub-grants, and contracts from proposal to award to program execution.
  • Deliver required reports with consistency, accuracy, and timeliness.

Our Software Products

Serenic Navigator
Mission-Empowering Accounting Software
Advanced Grant Management Solution
Budget Lifecycle Management
Deposits and Loans
Integrated Solution for Dioceses
Payroll and Human Resources
Dashboards and Business Intelligence