Decentralized Deployment Technical Whitepaper

A whitepaper by Brandon Taylor, VP Development



This document provides a technical overview for deploying Serenic Navigator into multiple countries and locations using both localized functionality and multiple language sets. It describes the technical architecture of Serenic Navigator, certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and identifies key components along with their purpose in the overall solution. It also describes the steps needed to implement and use Serenic Navigator. Most importantly, this document provides an overview of how to set up and maintain a decentralized solution so that it will evolve as network speed, stability and reliability become more consistent worldwide.


Serenic Navigator

Serenic Navigator is a comprehensive financial and operational solution that provides rich business-line functionality for NGOs, including grant management and donation management. Serenic Navigator is a comprehensive solution certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To realize the full benefit of a Serenic Navigator solution, it is important to demonstrate the software’s key features:


  • A fully integrated solution that allows user-specific setup and configuration.
  • Flexible customization capabilities to meet the organization’s current and growing needs and requirements.
  • Strong Microsoft platform for reliability in years to come in a multitude of environments and languages.


This document provides an understanding of how to deploy Serenic Navigator around the world, possible language deployments, and how the application can be configured for specific localization. This document provides an architectural overview of Serenic Navigator, deployment scenarios, and some tips and tricks to benefit deployment and usage.


This White Paper is divided into six sections:


  • Section One describes the architecture of Serenic Navigator, including a conceptual overview of a decentralized deployment.
  • Section Two describes a sample deployment scenario illustrating how this architecture can be utilized to provide localization of both country-specific functionality and languages.
  • Section Three demonstrates how Serenic Navigator’s grant processing tools can be utilized to fully comply with the requirements of grant and sub-grant awarding.
  • Section Four is technically oriented, and demonstrates how localization is achieved using the Serenic Navigator solution.
  • Section Five demonstrates how language support of the product is designed to occur in a working situation.
  • Section Six provides background information on Serenic Software, the corporation responsible for Serenic Navigator implementation, client satisfaction and product.



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Decentralized Deployment