Serenic Analytics

There are a lot of moving parts and different departments in all organizations. Your main challenge is to make sure everyone is working together with real-time information from various sources and without hassles.

You need a single source of truth so all managers can make informed decisions. After all, it’s a lot easier to make informed decisions when everyone can look at what’s happening from a single point-of-view.

Serenic Analytics, included with Serenic Navigator, includes an easy-to-implement process for presenting general ledger data as well as pre-defined dashboards, charts, graphs, and worksheets. Users are provided dashboards to view their data through multi-dimensional worksheets and dynamic charts that can drill through to critical financial details. Reports are created by end users simply by highlighting a range in a worksheet or clicking on any component of a chart. Serenic Analytics reduces the need for report writing software and third party data warehouses. Additionally, Serenic Analytics can be configured, with a Serenic Consultant, to reach into other ERP modules and 3rd party databases for a single view of all business processes.

Our software puts into your hands visual information from many possible resource. This gives you a singular view of all the activities in your organization, and enables you to take control.

Informed decisions with a single views

  • Pre-configured standard dashboards for Serenic general ledger
  • Access your dashboards on laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Drill to detail capability
  • On-the-fly filtering, report development and saving of views
  • Export to MS Excel, pdf, html and email any information with the click of a button


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