Serenic Navigator Architecture: Simplify and Share

Extend the Reach and Value of Serenic Navigator via Multiple Client Interfaces

Customizable Role Centers present specific information based on your employees’ job functions to help people easily prioritize and simplify tasks and make quick business decisions. Users work in their own tailor-made “homepages” – or Role Centers – with very minimal training.

These Role Centers can be accessed from the improved Windows Client – previously referred to as the RoleTailored Client. In addition, they can now also be accessed from a new Web Client and SharePoint Client. Each “client” can display the role center, giving users three options to access their data.

Windows Client:

The Action Pane has been redesigned and is now referred to as the “ribbon.” The “ribbon,” which appears across the top of displays similar to Microsoft Excel and Word, will include new keyboard shortcuts and can be customized to offer users easy, security enhanced access to relevant, up-to-date information.

Web Client:

The Web Client allows users to access, enter and update data in Serenic Navigator via a web browser, and is ideal for simple tasks and for users who do not perform heavy data entry. The Web Client is supported by various browsers and devices, including: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Safari on iPad. The Serenic Web Client is very easy to deploy. Simply utilize the Internet Information Services (IIS) tools available as part of Windows Server.

SharePoint Client:

This provides the same functionality as the Web Client, but access is provided via Microsoft SharePoint. Serenic Navigator pages and reports can be displayed via SharePoint, and allows users who own SharePoint to add Serenic Navigator pages as web parts. This allows you to set up websites through Microsoft SharePoint to share Serenic Navigator data and information with more people inside and outside the company. Enter and update data in the Serenic Navigator database via pages on a SharePoint site.

Leverage Your Investment in Other Microsoft Products

Since Serenic Navigator is an embedded Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, you can take advantage of full Microsoft Office integration. For example:

  • Easily share your data with your stakeholders by sending almost any list or record directly to Microsoft Excel® and Word®, or as an attachment to Microsoft® Outlook.
  • Share a link to any Serenic Navigator page with another user who has Serenic Navigator installed. That user can open the link in Microsoft Word, Outlook, or OneNote®. When the user chooses the link, the page opens in Serenic Navigator.
  • Produce Excel-based reports that pull live data from Serenic Navigator pages. When you refresh the data in Excel, updates made in Serenic Navigator are automatically reflected. This Microsoft Excel add-in makes it possible to use PowerPivot and other rich analytical tools to create professional-looking reports exactly how you want them.
  • Connect to your Outlook account to easily send emails to contacts and view emails, tasks, and appointments, all from within Serenic Navigator.
  • Enable OneNote integration on a per-role basis in profiles. Set up notes for records and pages that can include photos, videos and other “unstructured” information.
  • A new Query capability improves impromptu reporting through improved access to data in Serenic Navigator 2013 or, via web services, to data in other applications such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot.

Enjoy Faster, Easier Implementations

RapidStart Services streamlines the implementation/configuration process by giving Serenic partners and customers control and overview of all the stages of the company setup process. By using RapidStart Services, partners and customers can process a set of configuration tables in a few simple steps, respecting and validating internal relations between tables.