Grants Management Software

AwardVision, Serenic’s grant management software, enables you to successfully compete for non profit grants and awards to support your mission. AwardVision helps nonprofits and NGOs manage the detailed restrictions and rules of grant applications. Processes are streamlined to make the application procedure as efficient as possible. Once funding is secured, AwardVision integrates with Serenic Navigator, providing a single repository for compliance information, program monitoring, and financial data. 

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The ability to secure grants is one of the most important tasks of any successful nonprofit, charity or NGO. Because there are hundreds of thousands of nonprofits worldwide that all compete for the same monies, implementing robust grant management software for nonprofits can help increase your chances of securing additional funding for your cause.

Full Microsoft Office integration makes it easy to edit and store Word documents, such as grant application templates, within the system and import data to and from Excel. Easily meet each funder’s unique tracking and reporting requirements, even in multiple currencies and languages.