Full Budget Lifecycle Management Features

Real-Time Budget Management

Real life, real-time budget management means no surprises and no outside spreadsheets. Your organization invests countless hours planning, monitoring, controlling and modifying budgets. But do you ever really know how many dollars went where and which dollars were spent most effectively? 

Serenic BudgetVision enables you to manage your entire budget lifecycle by offering a budget preparation and monitoring tool that provides real-time access to budget information. The budget administrator can define sub-plans, track the progress and status of multiple budgets simultaneously, and allows adjustments to posted budgets within Serenic Navigator. Additionally, budget preparers can create different what-if versions of their budget until they select one to submit for approval and/or posting. Fully integrated with Serenic Navigator G/L, BudgetVision allows you to replace spreadsheets as your budgeting tool.

Budget Performance at a Glance with Web Access

Wherever your employees and managers have access to the Web, they also have secured real-time access to the budgeting process. An intuitive user interface makes it easy for your non-accounting staff to enter their budget data, and web users have the ability to create budget forecasts and projections.  

Simplified Budget Administration

Is your budget administration a disparate and confusing process for your organization? BudgetVision simplifies your budget cycle with a centralized administration defining global settings, which thereby allow departments to submit concise, transparent, and flexible budgets, or subplans, from day one:

  • Subplans provide a simplified Decentralized Budgeting Process by distributing the budgeting to different Department and/or Program Managers, restricting access to only their fund, dimensions and G/L accounts.
  • Calculations & Assumptions, purchased with the Extended Pack, can be assigned to multiple subplans, ensuring consistent calculations and “what if” scenarios across departments, and improving accuracy.
  • Spread Methods can be applied to any line so that the system automatically takes the amount entered or calculated and spreads it across the budget periods accordingly.
  • Multiple Currency Codes give you the choice of what currencies to use within budgets, and how the currencies are converted. 
  • Approvals, defined by the administrator, give you the flexibility to assign up to 10 approvers on a subplan before posting to the G/L.  

Streamlined Budget Preparation

Are you preparing your budget outside your financial system? BudgetVision, fully integrated with Serenic’s Navigator G/L, offers an automated budget preparation tool with the following features:

  • Integrated budget preparation lets you pull existing data from your G/L, keeping accounts and dimensions in synch, and leverages your existing user setup and securities.
  • Multiple Version Creation gives the preparer multiple options for defining the starting point for a new budget, i.e., another version, historical actual or budget amounts, or zero..
  • Budget by quantity lets you budget units of measure and amounts rather than just totals, so transactions are more spelled out and transparent..
  • Set up multi-year budgets, allowing transaction-based budget tracking across fiscal years.
  • Justifications give the preparer the opportunity to make notes on the specific G/L account or worksheet entry, eliminating the need for extraneous email correspondence. 

Budget Monitoring and Modifications

With Serenic BudgetVision, you can easily monitor and make adjustments to posted budgets with the authorization of your budget administrator. You can:

  • Post adjustments using the same process as the original posting.
  • View the original budget and any modifications with details.
  • Track and view multiple budgets simultaneously so you can easily see how your budget, projects or grants are tracking.
  • Automate processes, for reviewing, tracking revisions, and final approvals, enabling a more proactive budget management process.

Included are the critical functions you would expect in any budgeting module: creating new plans with a couple clicks; automated budget rules within your G/L to monitor purchase requests, purchase orders and spending against your budget real-time; purchasing based on available budgets; and restricting transactions from occurring based on your budget rules.