General Ledger. Accounts Payable. Accounts Receivable. Cash Management.

Core Financial Systems That Offer Fully Integrated Strength, Flexibility And Ease-Of-Use.

Confidence without question. When it comes to your core financial systems, that’s what your existing and prospective funders expect. And what you and your organization deserve. Confidence without question is what Serenic Navigator’s General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management deliver.Confidence At The Core with Serenic Navigator

Just look at all Serenic Navigator core financials empower you to accomplish:

General Ledger

  • Manage and report on multiple types, funds, and fund classes which meet FASB 116 and 117 donor restrictions
  • Setup 10 dimensions for “core” GL classification and reporting
  • Maintain up to 110 alphanumeric characters for the 10 primary dimensions
  • Use a “logical” chart of accounts for data entry, validation and security
  • Create an unlimited number of additional dimensions for “sub-ledger” reports
  • Setup accounting calendars with daily, weekly, monthly or other periods
  • Easily setup and generate “standard” financial reports
  • Investigate system-maintained audit trails using registers and change logs
  • Provide real-time access to data with powerful drill down navigation and filtering tools, offering complete transparency of your organization’s financial records

Accounts Receivable

  • Automatically record all customer or vendor transactions on the appropriate customer/vendor account
  • View all transactions by account from chart of accounts, journals, account cards, etc.
  • Manage accounts effectively via individual customer/vendor account cards
  • Gain immediate access to account statistics, ledger entries, and bank accounts
  • Separate the bill-to addresses and order-from addresses accurately
  • Add comments to any account or transaction
  • Apply payments to as many invoices as you like
  • Set tolerance levels for payment discounts
  • Set up individual sales tax and value added tax (VAT) areas for each customer and vendor

Accounts Payable

  • Create electronic file to transmit EFT payments automatically
  • Print checks on preprinted or blank check stock
  • Select from multiple check formats or create a custom format
  • Add .bmp logos and addresses to check stock
  • Automatically print signatures on checks with full security, and add a second signature when the check amount reaches a user-defined amount
  • Record the expense against one vendor and pay a substitute vendor
  • Pay vendors based upon due dates or user-defined parameters
  • Print a single check per invoice or combine all invoices for the same vendor
  • Record manual checks and issue “emergency” checks

Cash Management

  • Take complete control of your money with detailed records
  • Maintain comprehensive transaction records
  • Transform payables/receivables into account management tailored for maximum efficiency

How does Serenic Navigator do all this? See for yourself.

Q: How does Serenic Navigator’s general ledger facilitate fund management?

A: Serenic Navigator’s general ledger ensures each fund is balanced automatically at both the fund and fund class levels meeting, FASB 116 and 117 requirements.

Q: How does Serenic Navigator’s “logical” chart of accounts increase efficiency?

A: It eliminates tedious account strings and redundant coding for future expansion.

Q: How does Serenic Navigator improve your audit experience?

A: Serenic Navigator’s general ledger maintains a complete audit trail to provide auditors with an exhaustive and detailed review of your transactions.

Q: How does the Serenic Navigator accounts receivable functionality increase efficiency?

A: The system records all customer transactions and automatically posts the appropriate transactions in the general ledger, including: revenue, accounts receivable, customer discounts, and associated sales tax or VAT.

Q: What convenience and features does the Serenic Navigator accounts payables functionality offer?

A: The system will automatically print signatures on checks during processing. In addition, you can add up to two signatures per bank account, while limiting access to check printing helping maintain strong internal control.

Q: What security features and setup options are available for Serenic Navigator’s accounts payable and accounts receivable?

A: Each customer organization can setup the Serenic Navigator accounts payable and accounts receivable functionality to match your company’s specific needs. Business rules can be defined to include validation, user access, approval rules, budget rules, and limits as to who can enter and who can post transactions.

Q: What payment processing options are available?

A: Serenic Navigator accounts payable offers you the flexibility to:

  • Pay vendors based upon due dates or user-defined parameters
  • Print a single check per invoice or combine all invoices for the same vendor
  • Record manual checks
  • Issue “emergency” checks without selecting all checks for payment
  • Utilize ACH format Electronic Funds Transfer and automatically e-mail the vendor a remittance advise when the EFT is processed
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