Serenic Deposits and Loans

Time and money – your challenge is to make the most of both. That can be daunting when you’re faced with managing a revolving loan fund and its associated transactions. And as you’re probably all too aware, keeping all the individual deposit and loan records up to date is a time consuming task.

The solution: Serenic Deposits and Loans

Serenic Deposits and Loans is a user friendly module that allows your organization to capture an entire client deposit and loan picture while integrating with your financial management suite. All records are updated, including your General Ledger (G/L).

Serenic Deposits and Loans focuses solely on the dynamic needs of nonprofits - no company in the software industry understands the unique challenges of your organization like we do.

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Get the Whole Picture

Serenic Deposits and Loans offers the functionality to help reduce the complexity and time required to manage all your client deposit and loan accounts. Eliminated are the spreadsheets and outside ledgers not specifically built for the process. Just look at the powerful benefits you get from Serenic Deposits and Loans:

  • Captures the entire client summary of deposits and loans in one screen
  • Drill down to all deposit account activity including calculation of interest, transfers between accounts, and withdrawals of funds
  • Facilitates disbursements for loan and receivable payments with a deposit withdrawal feature
  • Maintains all loan activities including interest charges, interest fees, and advance payout and amortization schedules
  • Displays investment activities on the client record if you’re using the optional Investments module

Manage Your Periodic Deposit and Loan Functions

Serenic Deposits and Loans gives you powerful deposit and loan automation, including the following functionality and benefits:

  • Automatically calculate the loan interest and principal
  • Define loan interest as simple or compound
  • Automatically release loan proceeds through Accounts Payable
  • Generate lines of credit or amortized loans
  • Set up loan maximums based upon user-defined amounts
  • Assign optional finance charges to overdue loan payments
  • Create loan payments from monies available in a deposit account


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