How does Serenic Navigator help your organization do more of what you do best?

See for Yourself.

Q: How can Serenic Navigator reduce redundancy for your NFP?

A: Serenic Navigator gives you a single, fully integrated system that provides access to all financial data. You get a solution that mirrors your business processes across all departments and funding organizations.

Q: How can Serenic help increase your organization’s productivity?

A: Serenic offers a fully integrated comprehensive suite of operational software solutions that are designed to provide additional functionality specific to nonprofit organizations’ needs, such as fundraising, budget forecasting and monitoring, and grant management processes. The Serenic Navigator financial management suite eliminates the need for all the disparate systems that often require duplicate entry and can limit organization-wide access. Plus, Role Centers let employees design their “workspace” to best fit job responsibilities and personal preferences.

Q: How much training time will your staff require to get up to speed?

A: Chances are, your staff and volunteers are already using Microsoft technology or are familiar with it. This familiarity will ensure an efficient transition to Serenic Navigator, a Microsoft embedded solution.

Q: What do you do if you encounter a system problem?

A: Serenic Navigator customer service begins from day one. We get to know your organization, its mission and its unique requirements. Simply put, when you have a question, we’re there with the help you need.

Q: Why is the Microsoft Dynamics platform important?

A: Microsoft invests $1 billion a year in Dynamics research and development. There are more than 102,000 Dynamics customers in 150 countries and more than 4,000 Dynamics partners round the world.

Q: How confident can you be that reports are reflecting the most current, most up-to-date financial data?

A: Serenic Navigator is responsive in real-time. You see revenue, purchase orders, invoices, and payments processed (as well as posted) in real-time. That means no budget surprises.