Serenic Navigator - Focus Resources for Maximum Impact on your Mission

More than just another software package.

Serenic Navigator is an innovative and proven solution that offers:

  • A full suite of operational software designed specifically to meet a nonprofits’ unique budget, fundraising, donor, and grant management processes.
  • Reliable, proven performance that will free you and your team to focus on accomplishing your goals and completing critical milestones.
  • Complete integration that will provide budgeting and expenditure transparency and accountability required to manage awarded funding, grants, programs and projects.
  • Compatibility with your business processes across departments and funding organizations.
  • Multiple language and currency tools to record and display transactions for estimates, obligations, and subawards in different currencies and appropriate languages.
  • Consolidation of multiple companies and the ability to enter intercompany transactions; thereby eliminating multiple financial statements and data entry errors.*
  • The ability to set up budget approval requirements prior to posting to a G/L, and budget “what if” calculation scenarios for improving accuracy and planning.
  • Integration with Serenic AwardVision, our grant management solution that ensures funder restriction compliance, accurate grant reporting, totals for award estimates and obligations, and individual subawardee monitoring (additional purchase required).

More features create more benefits.

Serenic Navigator will empower your NFP to:

  • Enable employees to be more productive – With Role Centers, employees have a clear overview of the tasks and information most relevant to their work responsibilities – all customized to meet specific needs based on job function and personal work style.
  • Proactively track specific programs or projects in real-time through dimensions, funds, and budgets – Serenic Navigator supports relational data for easy reporting through our logical chart of accounts, where each data field works independently but is validated with internal relations. Dimension IDs which are maintained separately, can be assigned to a journal line, document header, or document line for improved performance.
  • Budget, track and report on personnel expenses by projects or against specific funds – Ensure compliance with spending restrictions and automatically send time worked directly to Serenic Navigator Payroll or export to a third-party product.
  • Send expenses entered by employees to the Purchase Journal – Streamlines the expense entry and reimbursement process for you and your employees.
  • Proactively track expenditures against user-defined budget rules – Enables your staff to anticipate, not react; reduces confusion.
  • Automatically balance funds and fund classes – Make more confident decisions based on more accurate, more current information.
  • Increase efficiencies with forward-looking actionable information – You need more than just a system of record. Serenic Navigator gives you strong procurement controls, alerts, charts, and budgeting and forecasting tools.
  • Get instant access to critical financial information across any timeframe or data table – No budget surprises; make more timely decisions with cross-period reporting.
  • Eliminate tedious and expensive paper-based approvals – Streamline the process through workflows which allow you to focus on completing your project on time; reduces costs.
  • Administer modifications and update milestones to awards, grants and contracts as needed – Increases accuracy and accountability throughout the project.
  • Allocate expenses in real-time to increase data accuracy and timely completion of reporting – Identifies and avoids budget overruns before data is posted.
  • Provide anytime, anywhere accessibility with harnessed insight – Access real-time data via Windows, the Web or Microsoft SharePoint. Limit user access with role-based security.

* Purchase of the NAV Extended Pack is required.