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Serenic Software is Unique

There are unique challenges to managing a public service organization—an educational institution, government or public utility, charity, nonprofit, a manufacturer or warehouse/distributor. Restricted use of funds, transparency and traceability, compliance reporting, strict accounting and audit standards, grant/donor management and complex payroll requirements—all add to the challenges faced by public service organizations.

For 20 years, Serenic has been dedicated to delivering comprehensive, mission-critical Cloud ERP solutions to public service organizations. Its solutions, used by customers for decades in some cases, are trusted by over a thousand organizations around the globe. Also, Serenic is the global provider of payroll and human resources software for use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and has the #1 Payroll add-in – NaviPayroll.

Serenic solutions continue to be the ideal choice based on our expertise and focus on select sectors, our ongoing investment in product and platform enhancements, and our track record of delivering integrated solutions and services that meet our customers’ unique needs.

Here are some of the top reasons why our customers say they choose Serenic Software.

We understand. We have been leaders in the sectors we serve for decades, learning and leveraging the best practices for more than a thousand customers.

“Serenic Software exceeds our expectations! Serenic’s fully integrated solution helps our organization to run smoothly and gives our staff all the tools they need to efficiently manage the business. We’ve relied on Serenic’s team and their solution for over 20 years and it continues to provide an excellent return on investment”

County of Wetaskiwin No. 10

We employ great people. Many of our employees have been with us for decades, developing the deep expertise that is infused into our products and services. Our values are more than words. These are the words—integrity, innovative, responsive, dedicated—used by Serenic customers to describe our employees.

We were able to upgrade our current receiving and asset transfer system to a new system at a savings. The customer support was responsive, including on-time delivery of products, and was very helpful. We have been a long term customer and satisfied with the high level of service offered to us. This is our second system with Serenic and it is worth the return!”

State of California Government Agency

We deliver sector-specific solutions. Understanding how your organization operates allows us to deliver the functionality you need into one seamless solution. No disparate systems to install and maintain. No redundant data entry. One solution, from one vendor, for one version of the truth.

“Serenic provides a high-level of NPO accounting knowledge and technical expertise, all of which is reflected in a superior product.”

University of Virginia

We invest in innovation. We continue to invest in our products, partnerships, and platforms to enhance the value of your investment long into the future.

“Serenic Navigator has wonderful backing, so we knew it would give us the flexibility to grow. Since it’s based on Microsoft technology, we have confidence it will be around for the next 20 years as we continue to build our organization.”

Arc of Middlesex County

We like to deliver a “WOW” experience. We are passionate about exceeding our customers’ and partners’ expectations. We are resourceful, thoughtful, open-minded, and creative in our approach to delivering what is best for our customers.

“The knowledge and responsiveness from the project team is great – we appreciate their dedication.”

Bombardier Learjet

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