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Discrete manufacturers face a unique set of business challenges: global competition and global supply chains, fixed price contracts, security concerns, and long planning and product lifecycles with extensive maintenance and stewardship responsibilities.

More and more, discrete manufacturers are adopting lean manufacturing practices in order to become more efficient and competitive. They are finding ways to be a better supplier – by collaborating securely and in compliance with industry standards, keeping meticulous records about the products they deliver, providing comprehensive production and quality reports, and integrating into the supply chain seamlessly.


“In producing the world’s most advanced aircraft, it is essential to record and validate details of all work performed, as it occurs. And we need to do this without creating additional overhead. The open standard solution brings our various standalone systems under a unified and much more efficient communications umbrella.”
US Defense Contractor

Serenic products and services for manufacturing operations provide insight and information in the following critical management functions:

  • Deliver new products faster using real-time global collaboration with your manufacturing and project partners.
  • Reduce cycle time by improving delivery of materials to where they’re needed and making it easier to configure-to-order.
  • Plan and quickly react to change with real-time inputs from your supply chain and accurate shop floor information about your people, parts and processes.
  • Maintain tight control on inventory, costs and schedules by feeding real-time parts and labor transactions into your performance and job costing reporting.
  • Manage product serialization and quality issues, as well as fulfill regulatory or contractual obligations, with complete parts audit trails and finished product genealogy.
  • Streamline maintenance, repair and spare parts operations with accurate product genealogy and stock locations for parts and tools.
  • Manage parts and quality issues and fulfill regulatory or contractual obligations with complete parts audit trails and finished product genealogy.

Serenic’s manufacturing operations solutions include:

  • NaviTrak—Materials synchronization for manufacturing operations >>
  • NaviView—Industrial-strength data collection terminal >>
  • NaviNet—Real-time data sharing across the enterprise >>
  • NaviBridge— Innovative ERP integration & administrative tools >>

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