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Stewardship of assets is an essential part of Diocesan governance and a Diocese/Archdiocese’ ability to deliver programs and management services. Serenic Navigator increases the efficiency of Diocesan fiscal management operations through a unique and seamlessly integrated suite of fund accounting, budget management, financial reporting and deposit/loans. The result is a single system of record with real time numbers for the Diocese, its parishes, schools and supporting operations.

Serenic Navigator for Diocese/Archdiocese provides information and insight you need to:

  • Manage multiple entities, with isolation of fund sources, budgets and expenses by program or parish
  • Complete fund accounting software and financial management
  • Manage and provide visibility for parish deposits and loans
  • Consolidate financials and generate reports needed for transparency and accountability

“After talking to other Serenic clients and completing an intensive review of the product, we are confident that Serenic Navigator will empower us to provide the level of accountability and transparency our constituents deserve.”
Diocese of Orlando

Learn more about Serenic Navigator for NPOs including: robust fund and project accounting, advanced budget control with workflow/approvals, payroll & HR, improved levels of accountability and transparency for constituents, deposits & loans, field connect, reporting and analytics >>

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  • Archdiocese of Atlanta

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