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Funding and business models in higher education are shifting as traditional tuition-centric models are augmented by university-related foundations and entrepreneurial ventures. The complexity of the institution’s operations, compounded with an evolving relationship with its funding sources, can lead to significant burdens on the institution’s or foundation’s financial operations.

With Serenic Navigator, you’ll focus more resources on your members and your organization’s mission, and less on bookkeeping. The right higher education account software or financial solution empowers you to automate many of your complex accounting tasks, thereby eliminating errors that result from manual data entry and processing. Learn how you can tackle today’s complex financial management requirements in higher education, including grant management, while minimizing the time you spend doing it.

The Serenic Navigator solution helps higher education foundations and alumni associations:

  • Automate many complex accounting tasks, streamline workflow and enhance productivity
  • Manage grants and endowments throughout their lifecycle, including reporting on program performance and financials with our grant management software
  • Budget, allocate donations, and track expenses by department or program
  • Robust fund accounting software and financial management
  • Integrate payroll and benefits management
  • Analyze and report on performance, financials, and resources with ease

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“We really wanted a true not-for-profit fund accounting system that had the ability to program into our G/L setup and Serenic offered more flexibility. We looked at several software products and tried to imagine how we would need to change our process to fit the product, instead of trying to find a product that we could adapt to our process. Serenic exceeded our expectations..”
Texas A&M Foundation

Learn more about Serenic Navigator for NPO including robust fund and project accounting, advanced budget control with workflow/approvals, payroll & HR, improved levels of accountability and transparency for key stakeholders, reporting and analytics.

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    • Serenic Navigator for NPOs – Comprehensive Cloud ERP Solution for Nonprofit Organizations
    • Serenic Analytics – Powerful business intelligence for high-value decision making


  • University of Virginia – Alumni Association

Case Studies

  • University of Virginia – Alumni Association


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