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Tribal governments have complex operations and financial management needs due to a rare combination of revenue and expenses associated with both for-profit enterprise operations and governmental funding activities, including per capita disbursements. As stewards of your Nation’s assets, you have a responsibility to be efficient, accountable and transparent to both your members and government agencies.

Serenic Navigator helps tribal government organizations to:

  • Streamline workflow and enhance productivity
  • Manage Federal grants and compliance reporting
  • Complete fund accounting software and financial management
  • Budget, allocate funds, and track expenses by program, including multi-year rolling asset management plans
  • Control inventory with integrated procurement management
  • Manage tribe member information, services, and disbursements
  • Integrate payroll and benefits management
  • Support financial management of multiple entities, such as police and emergency services, schools, utilities, and tribal businesses
  • Measure, report and analyze performance with ease

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“We’ve used Serenic Navigator to really streamline and eliminate a lot of the required information we used to have to key in. Now our budget tracking is much more simplified.”
Muscogee (Creek) Nation

Learn more about Serenic Navigator for NPO including: robust fund and project accounting, advanced budget control with workflow/approvals, award/grant management to compete for nonprofit grants and awards to support your mission, payroll & HR, improved levels of accountability and transparency for key stakeholders, reporting and analytics.

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