NaviBridge—Innovative ERP Integration & Administrative Tools

Serenic NaviBridge is a suite of robust integration and administration tools to setup, integrate, monitor and manage data transfers between ERP (SAP, Oracle and others) and legacy systems, distributed mobile systems and web-based applications.

NaviBridge is fully certified by leading ERP systems and engineered to take advantage of the latest methods of data integration. Through the use of application adapters, 3rd party applications are now able to use NaviBridge for data integration using simple mapping processes without programming changes to their existing application.

A Selection of NaviBridge Customers

NaviBridge acts as a true “hub” for data integration. Intelligent products that provide application synchronization functionality, coupled with NaviBridge’s highly reliable and cost-effective capability, provide a tailored Enterprise Application Integration environment unique for our customers. Key features include:

  • Easy-to-use tools and a simplified install process
  • Automatic configuration file generation for new applications
  • Enhanced RFC communications using newer ERP libraries
  • New interface objects using latest toolsets (e.g. xml, socket, config)
  • Mapping tool for simple 3rd party Application Integration
  • Password protect configuration, mask IP addresses in log files
  • Improved bidirectional IDOC flow

NaviBridge allows you to:

  • Connect multiple ERP systems together
  • Run up to four ALE Servers and Host Interfaces on the same computer for improved performance
  • Have multiple applications talking to multiple SAP systems through the same server
  • Support three (3) modes of operations for maximum flexibility:
    • Standalone disconnected mode for applications without access to network connectivity
    • Real time connected mode for applications with full time network availability
    • Combination mode where the applications run in real time when connected and run as disconnected when network connectivity has failed
  • Connect 3rd party apps associated with different databases

For organizations that have implemented an ERP system and are remaining on previous releases of the product, NaviBridge (formerly called Sylobridge) is an ideal choice for your application integration requirements. It has been designed for ERP customers, and can manage a variety of integration requirements without compromising performance or creating unwanted or unmanageable complexity.

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“On any given day, 310,000 container transactions are processed along with 32,000 transactions to SAP and 5,500 transactions from SAP. What we know is NaviBridge is easy to configure, it is scalable, and transactions are processed with sub-second response time.”

Smithfield Foods

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