NaviNet—Real-Time Data Sharing Across the Enterprise

NaviNet captures data from a wide variety of shop floor systems and data collection devices and distributes processed data to a multitude of systems, including ERP and enterprise systems.

With NaviNet, managers gain insights into shop floor activities in real-time, which enable them to react and respond to production challenges throughout the value stream.

Utilize a variety of devices including Bar Code, 2D Data Matrix and RFID scanners to feed the data collection system. Machines such as scales and PLCs integrate with NaviNet for automated data capture. Send data to output devices such as label printers, and make shop floor data widely available and visible throughout your operation.

Highlights of NaviNet’s capabilities:

  • Flexible, powerful SOA architecture
  • Database platform independence
  • Custom or ISA-95 application interfaces
  • Support for numerous data collection/output devices
  • Guaranteed data delivery, with data synchronization and validation
  • Scalability to suit any size operation
  • Optional redundancy and fault tolerance
  • Remote device management

For decades, NaviNet (formerly called IntegraNet from Epic Data) has helped manufacturing and distribution operations get data where it’s needed.

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A Selection of NaviNet Customers


“In producing the world’s most advanced aircraft, it is essential to record and validate details of all work performed, as it occurs. And we need to do this without creating additional overhead. NaviNet brings our various standalone systems under a unified and much more efficient communications umbrella.”

US Defense Contractor

A Selection of Our Customers