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Municipal Accounting Systems, Inc. (“MAS”), is a widely respected provider of student information management and accounting solutions to K-12 public school districts. Oklahoma has 538 school districts and MAS, founded in 1985, has grown to serve approximately 500 districts.

Its product set, known as the Wen-GAGE platform, is a modern, 100% hosted SaaS solution that includes three primary K-12 administration categories, which meet the needs of large and small school districts alike:

  • School-specialized, full stack accounting, payroll, teacher professional development & accreditation, and budget management software.
  • Comprehensive Student Information System for many mission critical activities such as: student scheduling, grading, attendance, student and parent or legal guardian online portal access, IEP & special needs tracking, and state-required reporting and integration, to name a few.
  • Lunchroom System which includes meal subsidy tracking, cashless payments, and integration with the State via a flexible API

The Wen-GAGE Student Information System is Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) 2.0r1 certified, making it fully compliant with State-level integration requirements.


“The Wen-GAGE i-Accounting System applications have been great for our finance, personnel and payroll. By consolidating that information into a web-based program we have been able to streamline our processes while being able to work anywhere at any time.”

Deer Creek Public School

Wen-GAGE for K-12 School Districts:

Wen-GAGE i-Accounting System

Streamlines your school office workflows and processes to provide you with the real-time information necessary to better serve your stakeholders.

Accounts Payable / Purchase Requisition

Bring your procurement process online by automating the entire workflow from requisition to payment:

  • Define custom routings to ensure proper requisition approval and delivery to the encumbrance clerk
  • During approval process, requisitions can be denied or sent back with notices for corrections by the original requester
  • Audit entries for every ledger transaction including re-classifications, partial payments, and change orders
  • Powerful budgeting tools allow balance checks at any dimension level for maximum budgetary controls
  • Re-classify expenditures with a simple WYSIWYG interface at the item, purchase order, or even fund level
  • Analysis reports grouped at any dimension level for budgetary/expenditure projecting, analysis, and forecasting

Treasurer / Activity Funds

Manage your revenue collections and activity fund transactions with complete flexibility in account structure and extensive reporting functionality.

  • Complete integration with Accounts Payable for tracking the progress of a payment from issuance to clearing
  • Audit entries for every transaction including receipts, payments, adjusting entries, and investments
  • Powerful tools for end-of-month reconciliation and the import of cleared payments from your financial institution
  • Investment tracking and reporting from a simple, intuitive UI for purchases, receipts, and liquidations
  • Analysis reports grouped at any dimension level for revenue projecting, analysis, and forecasting
  • Comprehensive, yet flexible financial reporting for administrators, activity sponsors, and board members

Personnel / Employee Portal

Efficiently and effectively manage employee data and make informed decisions to maximize the value of your district’s human capital investments.

  • Complete integration with Payroll with the ability to transfer time sheets for substitutes and dock adjustments for employees
  • Powerful tools for accruing leave and leave entry with automatic calculation of substitute rates and employee dock amounts
  • Analyze certifications and professional development to verify your workforce is on track with your district’s objectives
  • Forecast future salary and benefit costs, including step and experience increments as well as salary scale hypotheticals
  • Self-service employee portal includes pay stub, certification, leave, and professional development information
  • Reduce the HR department workload/paperwork by publishing the tax forms (W2, 1095-C) to the Employee Portal


End-to-end payroll solution that will help streamline your payroll processes and reduce tedious paperwork to give you peace of mind.

  • Complete integration with Accounts Payable by encumbering all costs and adjusting encumbrances automatically
  • Simple, intuitive UI allows you to manage all employee information and adjustments from one form
  • Easily reconcile monthly insurance statements and import insurance premium changes from your insurance company
  • Void, correct, and reissue a payroll in minutes with all adjustments handled by the void process
  • Go paperless by utilizing the direct deposit functions and publishing the pay stub information to the Employee Portal
  • Supports all state and federal reporting requirements including Quarterly 941, W2, ACA and more

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Wen-GAGE i-Student Information System

Delivers a proven, comprehensive solution ready to meet the ever changing and complex student administration needs of your school district.

Student Information

End-to-end student information solution that will allow you to efficiently and effectively manage student data while automating your daily operations and supporting data-driven decision making.

  • Simple, intuitive UI for tracking all student data from one form including demographics, contacts, alerts and more
  • Powerful tools to help automate daily functions for attendance, scheduling, eligibility, grades, and discipline
  • Curriculum planning tools for managing courses, setting standards, defining grading policies, and tracking assessments
  • Automated scheduling features for building a master schedule and enrolling students for any term setup
  • Graduation plan setup to automatically determine graduation requirements based on courses, GPA, and assessments
  • Comprehensive state reporting including Attendance/Transportation Registers, Grade Enrollment Summary and more


Powerful tools to help your instructors manage their classroom and foster collaboration by instantly communicating student progress to students, parents, and administrators.

  • Complete integration with Student Information making roster, attendance, eligibility, and grade changes instantaneous
  • Grading policy setup by the school or instructor with options for standards-based or conventional grading methods
  • Comprehensive lesson plan manager and weekly schedule with the ability to share lesson plans among sections
  • Remove the burden of eligibility and grade reporting from the instructor by using the administrator calculation tools
  • Assignment analysis showing high/low/average score, count above and below average, and letter grade distribution
  • Email features allow instructors to stay connected with students/guardians and attach progress reports directly

Lunch Room

Comprehensive, yet simple and intuitive food service solution to help streamline the application process, automate point-of-sale operations, and simplify state and federal reporting requirements.

  • Complete integration with Student Information making students, guardians, and enrollment changes instantaneous
  • End-to-end application process to determine the pay status for all students in a family and send required notifications
  • Enrollment verification and duplicate meal checks ensure complete and accurate reporting of meals served
  • Point-of-sale application allows for full meal or a la carte purchases with an end-of-serving reconciliation process
  • Reliable and secure online payments post directly to the account to help minimize errors and enhance internal controls
  • Comprehensive state and federal reporting for Edit Check, Low-Income Student Count, and Civil Rights Compliance

Guardian Portal / Student Portal

Keep your most important stakeholders informed with powerful tools for both instructors and administrators to communicate student progress and school district events/notifications.

  • Post district, school, or instructor announcements and calendar events for a specified date range
  • View the current student schedule with options for completing course requests for the upcoming year
  • Class attendance summary provides totals for absences and tardies with drill-down capability
  • Class assignment summary provides totals for scored and incomplete assignments with drill-down capability
  • Current eligibility and grade status with calculation details to see exactly how the grade was calculated
  • Lunch room account balances and statements with reliable and secure online payment options

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